Pray for peace in South Sudan

Mothers’ Union responds to the call from Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, to pray with the Episcopal Church of South Sudan & Sudan for peace and stability to return to South Sudan.

Mothers’ Union has over 53,000 members and 30 Community Development Coordinators and Trainres across the Anglican Province of South Sudan and Sudan. Many members live in the areas worst affected by the current conflict, in the dioceses of Bor, Malakal, Renk, Lui, Rokon and Lainya and may have had to leave their homes to find sanctuary – leaving with no food, spare clothing, or other possessions.  Across the Province of South Sudan and Sudan Mothers’ Union and Five Talents offers literacy & financial education and beneficiaries of this and other community-based development work will be put at both immediate and long-term risk through displacement and fear.

Please join us to pray for an end to the civil conflict across South Sudan; for protection for the people of South Sudan and that Mothers’ Union be effective in its role of delivering its ministry of relief and reconciliation.  Follow the links to our prayer needs for South Sudan and to find out more about Mothers’ Union South Sudan

 January 10th 2014