Helping Those Facing Adversity

Mothers’ Union actively seeks to support families who are vulnerable in society. Members around the world respond to the needs they see within their own local communities.

In South Africa this may mean using the spare land next to the local church to start a vegetable garden. Produce from the garden is then used to feed families who are affected by HIV/AIDS and who come each week to share a meal and give mutual support to each other.

Across the UK members run crèches and craft groups in prisons. They help families to maintain contact and enable children to see their parents in a safe and supportive environment.

Members run Away From It All holidays that give families the opportunity to have quality time together - families who desperately need a break and some extra support.

Many of our members are involved informally in supporting the bereaved in their local area.

When an emergency situation suddenly destabilises family life, Mothers' Union members can provide relief support to meet the most urgent needs facing communities.

These are just some examples of how Mothers’ Union is helping families facing adversity. Whatever the need in the community, Mothers’ Union members are trained and supported to identify relevant needs and how they can help. We have over 300 Community Development Coordinators who help members respond to the needs of families around them.

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