Local Focus: Knitting together for a closer community

Members of the Mothers' Union group from St Thomas' Church in Ashton-in-Makerfield have recently been busy knitting 'Twiddlemuffs' a special hand mitt that can be beneficial for the elderly along with people suffering from dementia. Twiddlemuffs are designed and developed to provide simple stimulation for both hands and brains with various sensory items attached both insdie and out.

Barbara Taylor who runs the group explains " I saw a feature on Twiddlemuffs in an NHS newsletter and began thinking if we could make some for people in our town. I mentione dit at our next Mothers' Union meeting and the knitting needles came out!" The group then got busy knitting and after just eight weeks they had already produced 40 Twiddlemuffs to be donated to a local nursing home. The group intends to keep knitting Twiddlemuffs to keep up with the demand as they have proved to be very popular. 


This is a new "Local Focus" feature, whereby each month we will showcase a local community project / fundraising event that a Mothers' Union branch/ diocese/ province have organised. We will be looking at big and small projects and we hope that this may provide you with some inspiration for what you could achieve within your communities. If you have something that you might like to be featured than please do email us at communications@mothersunion.org with details and photos.