Mount Kilimanjaro

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Location: Tanzania

Date: 29 September – 8 October

Conquer the highest mountain on the African continent - passing through thick forest, moorland and scree - before reaching the summit, Uhuru Peak to take in spectacular views and beautiful ice formations as reward for pushing your limits both physically and mentally.

Registration Fee: £449

Payment Options:

  • + Fundraising: Raise the set fundraising target of £4,400.00 and send it to Mothers’ Union 10 weeks prior to the trip departure date. We will then pay the trip cost.

  • + Part Payment: Pay a contribution of £500.00 towards your trip costs and raise a reduced fundraising target of £3,400.00. Send the funds raised to Mothers’ Union 10 weeks prior to the trip departure date and we will pay the remainder of your trip cost.

  • + Full Payment: Pay the £1,950.00 Trip Cost + £250.00 Airline Taxes yourself and donate 100% of your fundraising to Mothers’ Union.

For more information, read through the Mount Kilimanjaro Trek Detailed Information, take a look at the Mount Kilimanjaro Trek Itinerary or contact us.