Mothers' Union Nigeria speaks out against early marriage

Mrs Nkasiobi Okoh, Provincial President of Mothers' Union in Nigiera, has added Mothers' Union's voice to those of women's rights campaigners in Nigeria to speak out against the Senate of Nigeria blocking a bill which would have banned child-marriages. 

The proposed ammendments to the constitution of Nigeria would have ended the clause which classifies "full age" as being 18 years or over, except for women who are married, who are "deemed to be of full age".   However Deputy Minority Leader Ahmed Sani Yerima objected to the removal of the clause as it implied that 18 years of age was the minimum ages for marriage, which would go against Islamic law.  

Whilst the Child Rights Act of Nigeria sets the minimum age for marriage at 18, nearly a third of all states in Nigiera disregard the minumum marriage age, and over 39 percent of brides are under 18.