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Mothers’ Union Resources 2017

All resources are available to order from central services (unless stated otherwise). Please contact or call +44 (0)20 7222 5533 and include the item name, number required and delivery address. An invoice will then be sent to you.

Tools for Action & OutreachDescriptionCost

Away From It All leaflet

Information about holidays for families experiencing difficult or distressing times, which are organised by Mothers’ Union.


£1 for 10


Labelled for Life: Managing the commercial world as a family

2nd edition A5 booklet designed to give parents, carers and teachers the confidence to handle the commercial and sexualised influences that children might face.

£2 each and then £1.50 a booklet for multiples of 10 (10 copies for £15)

Passionate about Parenting Resources

Mothers’ Union Parenting Programme

  • Parents' group leaflet – introduction leaflet
  • Certificates for Atendees (order from Action & Outreach)
  • Invitation - contact card for facilitators (order from Action & Outreach)
  • Posters to promote Mothers' Union parents' groups, A3 or A4 size

£1 for 10

Tackling Torment booklet

A booklet discussing and outlining what bullying is and what can be done about it.

£1.50 per copy

Loving for Life - Keeping in Touch card

To give/send to couples to help Mothers’ Union/the church keep in touch or invite to an event or meeting.

A6 sized card and envelope, contains a bible verse and space for a personalised message.

All Loving for Life resources need to be discussed with your clergy to ensure that they support you in distributing these resources

2 for £6

Loving for Life – Couples card
To give to couples at their wedding

This credit card size card contains space to add the names of the bride and groom, the date of their wedding and a prayer.

£1 for 10

Loving for Life – Family & Friends card
To give to family, friends and congregation to celebrate the marriage of the couple.

This credit card sized card contains a bible verse and prayer.

£1 for 10

Annual Review

Turning Faith into Action: an overview of Mothers' Union's activities in 2015 - early 2016. Includes a global map of activities



requests of over 50 at the discretion of the communications team

Postcard Set

Each set contains 4 postcards helping describe the work of Mothers' Union in a fun and informative way. Packaged to ensure the set stays neat and clean and as a complete unit. 


Mothers' Union Posters

3 different designs in A3




[home pack]

A resource which includes a DVD, posters., giving envelopes, worship and bible study notes

Great for home groups, or as a contempory way of communicating Mothers' Union



A Rough Guide to Mothers' Union

A explananatory leaflet, written specifically with clergy in mind, which provides a useful overview of the structure and activities of Mothers' Union

 £1 for 5


Together we Grow DVD

A DVD aimed specifically at clergy. Show the clergy in your Parish how Mothers' union can support their ministry with families and the wider community


Free to clergy on application

Free for Mothers' Union with a clear strategy on reaching clergy 


 Help Us Grow

Small fold out leaflet to compliment the Help Us Grow campaign. Includes an invitation to give to prospective members



Mothers' Union is.......

A general leaflet to help you communicate the message of what Mothers' Union is and what we do. Useful for inviting people into membership as it includes membership form


Faith and PolicyDescriptionCost

Families & Church Leaflets 
(3 types available)

  • Celebrate With Us
  • Children & Bereavement
  • Families & Baptism




£1 for 10



What Dads Add

A leaflet designed to encourage fathers and their participation in the faith life of their child - particularly as they prepare for their child's Baptism

First 10 free for each branch

additional leaflets £1 for 10

Hand in Hand: Enjoying faith in the family

This is a resource meant for parents who are already strong in their faith and desire to nuture this in their children, as well as for those who feel less certain

£2 per copy

Discount with bulk orders


Bye Buy Childhood Campaign Engagement Pack

A downloadable resource full of ideas for branch and family activities and information on where to find support">" target="_blank">Download Here


Downloadable Resource only

We are created by God: Exploring our identity and relationships




Partcipants' & Facilitators' Guides ate £2.50 per copy

Facilitator Guides Out of Stock

Making a Difference : Social Policy Toolkit

Making a Difference is an abridged and revised edition of the Social Policy Toolkit in a handy A5 format

£2.00 per copy

**New Lower Price**

Families First magazine
Mothers’ Union lifestyle magazine.

£10.50 for a year’s subscription, contact Families First directly for non-member prices.

Families Worldwide(membership) magazine
Mothers’ Union resource for prayer and action (Order from Families First).
Two issues a year with subscription, including a prayer diary.

Free for members
£1.50 for non-members