"Celebrate" Open Days

Open Days at Mary Sumner House

Mary Sumner House, Westminster 

The beginning of August saw Mothers' Union members from across the UK descend on Mary Sumner House for our annual Member Open Days. As a working office and conference centre for most of the year, these days are specially set aside for us to welcome our members to come and see the house that members fundraised to build over 100 years ago. We were delighted this year to be able to welcome almost 300 guests over the two days.

This year we wanted the days to be a celebration, a celebration of our fellowship, of 140 years of our organisation and of the work we have achieved worldwide throughout these years. In the rooms of the House we themed various rooms on the regions that Mothers' Union work in and there were displays of artefacts that staff had collected on various trips. On the walls were displays of what each country has achieved through their Mothers Union, of our programmes (such as CCM) and some really interesting facts about our history in the areas. For example did you know that we had a branch in the Artic at one point?!

Members toured the rooms and also visited the Mary Sumner Shop and spent time of peaceful reflection in our beautiful Chapel. On Thursday the chapel became home to a special guest, as past president Pat Harris quietly continued working on the kneeler that the Past Presidents are creating for their fundraising challenge. Read all about it here! MSH staff also joined in the fundraising efforts by baking lots of cakes to sell at a cake sale on each of the days.

As well as enjoying lunch together we very importantly were led in worship by our Central Chaplin Bishop Andrew Proud at the beginning and end of each day. On the second day we were also extremely thrilled that Worldwide President, Lynne and Chief Executive Bev Jullien were able to enrol three new members (Joy, pictured above is one of these new members), a very special occasion for all present.

Those who attended have stated how wonderful the day was; member Linda said "Thanks for a memorable day full of fellowship and love....Inspiring, I am already working on using some of the ideas at our Autumn Diocese meeting with members"

To download a copy of the Encompass leaflet given away on the days please click here

UK and Ireland Diocesan Posters displayed can be found here

If you would like any of the other material from the day then please email Rachael.Arding@mothersunion.org