Big Church Day Out

More than 30,000 Christians in total gathered together for Big Church Day Out in the South and for the first time in the North!  Big Church Day Out is an incredible Christian festival filled with celebration, prayer and praise. Mothers Union were there for our second, running the Under 7’s Soft Play tent with our team of staff from Mary Sumner House and volunteer members from the Chichester diocese in the South and Chester & Derby diocese in the North.

Come rain or shine, and throughout the two weekends there was rather a lot of rain, our teams were in our cosy tent welcoming families and their children as they came to spend some time playing on the excellent facilities, colouring prayers for Thy Kingdom Come and just taking the chance to relax, chat with our members and read Families First magazine!

For many of those entering the tent, their experience of Mothers’ Union was minimal if non-existent. The time that they spent within our tent really gave us the opportunity to talk about our work in communities within the UK and worldwide.  We are delighted that so many that entered the tent over the two weekends were able to walk away with a positive experience our work and hopefully a desire to get involved or find out more. 

One parent, said: “This tent is the best at the event! The kids love it and we’ve enjoyed the atmosphere- thank you!”

Thank you to all those that came to see us – we hope you had as much fun as we did! 

For more information check out the Big Church Day Out website