Mothers' Union Harvest Appeal 2016

No one can fully prepare for the effect a debilitating illness will have on their family

But can you imagine what it is like for someone in rural Uganda?

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Francis Kashuru is very elderly and has never been able to find permanent work. When two of their sons died, Francis and his wife Annet adopted their seven grandchildren. With five other children of their own, and dependent on a harvest that rarely produced enough food to last to the next, they often worried about how they would feed everyone.

Then Francis got sick and ended up bedridden. At this point it would have been easy to give up hope.

But donations to Mothers’ Union helped Francis and Annet find stability – this harvest we need your help to ensure that more families like them need never go hungry again.

A Mothers’ Union led initiative, helping church congregations take part in a series of Bible studies, helped Francis and Annet prepare better for the future. One day they were given a chicken by a neighbour. Had they just eaten it they would have ended up back in the same situation – not knowing where their next meal was coming from. 

But the Bible studies helped them realise they could do so much more with this gift. So they decided to breed the chicken and now have plenty to eat. They even have extra to sell and from the income they have bought pigs and can even afford to send their grandchildren to school.

And when a neighbour is in need Francis is happy to share eggs or chickens as was done for him.

You can help bring about so many more amazing stories of transformation just like this – please help people in seven countries learn to put their trust in God and realise that, by making small and simple changes, great things can be achieved. 

This Harvest you can help to plant more of these small seeds of change - offering the chance of a stable, prosperous future for many, many more families like Francis and Annet’s.

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