Pray & Worship

Prayer and worship is vital to all that we do

Mothers’ Union sees prayer and worship as vital to all that we do. We are always encouraged when people join us in praying for our work. Prayer can make huge differences to lives both on an individual and community basis.

We believe that all our work should be supported by prayer and are eager to share more widely the resources which help us to strengthen our relationship with God.

We have many prayer and worship resources to help individuals, groups and churches to get involved in the prayer life of Mothers’ Union.  Our worship resources, including Church Services, can be found here. 


Prayer for those affected by Hurricane Irma 

We join together in prayer for all those affected by the recent Hurricane Irma (Read more here)


Loving Lord,

We thank you that you are close to those whose lives have met with adversity.

We remember at this time the victims and survivors of hurricanes and floods, and all others who are suffering in mind, body and spirit.

We thank you that your love and peace are with them tonight


(Written by Worldwide Zonal Trustee Sheran Harper)  


Heavenly Father,

As the hurricane season is here, we are frightened by our knowledge of the possible devastation of storms, hurricanes and other natural disasters, and by our hopelessness in the face of them.

We pray O Father, that you may keep us and all who stand in harms way safe.

Loving Father, help us to know and be confident that if disaster comes our way that you are ever present with us, and teach us to cope, and afterwards respond with love and care for others.

And if we are spared and others are affected we pray that help may given to them speedily, and this may be turned into an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of love and service which bind men and nations together,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord


(Written by Rosemarie Alleyne, MU Diocesan President of the Winward Islands) 


Prayer for Sierra Leone

We join together in prayer for all those affected by the recent mudslides in Sierra Leone (Read more here)


Lord, we pray for all affected by the mudslide in Sierra Leone:

For those bereaved or physically harmed we pray for your comfort;

for those left homeless and in practical need we pray for your provision;

for those involved in the clean up and rescue we pray for your strength.

Just as you heard the psalmist’s cries for rescue from the mire,

please answer our prayers for your people in crisis. 

In your mercy and grace





Grenfell Tower Tragedy: Prayers and Message of Sympathy

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all those who have been affected by the tragedy at Grenfell Tower. At Mothers’ Union prayer, along with practical support, are at the core of who we are and what we do. We offer up our prayers to our loving Lord and we are committed to finding ways of helping support the families and all those affected as part of the overall effort both now and in the long-term.


God Almighty,

hear our prayer for those

who have agonised and died

suffered and been scarred

are bewildered and bereaved

at Grenfell Tower.

We give thanks for our emergency services

and all who are offering care and support.

We pray that new homes will be quickly found for those affected,

and that your healing Spirit will be with them in the days ahead,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.


David Thomson, Bishop of Huntingdon


Gracious God

We pray for those caught up in the fire at Grenfell Tower,

for casualties, for the wounded, for the missing and the traumatised.

We pray for the emergency services and for those who are responsible for co-ordinating the response to this major incident.

In despair bring hope

In injury bring healing

In fear bring comfort.

In our helplessness be our strength.

In your mercy hear our prayers.

In Christ’s name.


The London District Chairs of the Methodist Church in Britain: 


Wave of Prayer

Everyday members pray at midday for the work of Mothers' Union across the globe, using prayers that reflect our work, values and faith. During midday prayers the Wave of Prayer is used, these are prayers based on a six-monthly calendar that ensure all members of Mothers' Union across the world are prayed for throughout the year. The prayers can be used as an aid to personal prayer or as part of a corporate time of worship. We hope that you will join us in the Wave of Prayer to support the work of Mothers' Union. 

Seasonal prayers

We produce seasonal prayers and worship resources throughout the year as well as topical prayers, which reflect our values and ongoing campaigns and activities.

Mothers’ Union prayers

We have specific prayers and service outlines that directly relate to Mothers’ Union members and groups. Whilst these are useful in the context of our own meetings and worship, they do serve to highlight further our values and work.