Finance Volunteer, co-opted member of the Audit and Risk Committee

4 hours per quarter

Initially for 18-24 months

The central charity is governed by Royal Charter. At its heart, there is a Board of Trustees who have all been elected by the membership. The Board meets twice a year and uses sub-committees to assist it with fulfilling its responsibilities. The Audit & Risk Committee is a sub- committee of our Board of Trustees and their main remit is to have responsibility for the oversight of all finance and risk related matters for the Charity. A key area of change will be governance.

You would be expected to provide expert input, support and challenge to all areas of work of the committee. In particular, to provide oversight of, and critical support from a financial perspective, for key strategic projects, including:

  • Embedding of a new database and associated systems and processes, and initiating of potential further phases
  • Evaluation and implementation of a new accounting package
  • Evaluation of options for the renovation of the Headquarters at Mary Sumner House
  • Evaluation of a new e-commerce strategy


To be successful you will need:

  • To be a qualified, practising finance professional
  • Have significant experience of risk management
  • Have significant experience of project evaluation and funding
  • Knowledge of Charity SORP, and pending GDPR requirements
  • IT competent
  • Proven ability to communicate financial information clearly to non-finance professionals



  • Prior experience as a Charity Trustee
  •  Appreciation of a member-led membership organisation
  •  Practising Christian (must be empathetic and comfortable to operate in a Christian environment)
  • Experience of organisational renewal/ change management and planning
  •  Ability to input into the monitoring and continuing professional development of the finance function


Time commitment of the role

  •  A minimum of four hours a quarter to include:
  •  Attendance at the Audit and Risk Committee’s quarterly, 2-hour long meetings. Two of these meeting take place in central London, two occur offsite and coincide with the bi-annual Board meetings. All meetings occur during working hours
  • Agenda-driven attendance at the bi-annual off-site Board meetings
  •  Pre-meeting preparatory/ review work, as required


In addition to this minimum requirement, the successful role holder would be expected to be available to the Head of Finance, and if required the Chair of the Committee, as a sounding board between meetings.

 There is also scope for attendance to be required at a small number of key project meetings, and/or meetings with key (potential) suppliers.


Duration of the role:

18-24 months, to provide expertise to the Committee and through them the Board, until the new Finance Board member is appointed during 2019. At that stage, the need for the role would be revisited.


For full information , please download the information pack on this page.

Information Pack Finance role

Please also read the Terms of Reference for the role here


Deadline for applications: Friday 2nd February 2018.

To express an interest and apply, please email your CV with a supporting statement describing how your skills and experience match our requirements and what you would bring to the role to: