Mothers’ Union Listening, Observing, Acting (MULOA)

MULOA stands for “Mothers’ Union Listening, Observing, Acting”  and is the name for a process which we are using to explore the essence of what it is to be Mothers’ Union, and how we can uniquely contribute to making a real difference to people’s lives. We are listening to the voices of our members around the world and their communities to help us create our strategy beyond 2020. As a member-led global organisation, actively listening to the voices of our members to create a vision for the future that is grounded in our members views is fundamentally important.

The global MULOA process runs from Autumn 2017 through to Spring 2019 and will involve people at all levels of Mothers’ Union, the wider Church and communities, in exploring how Mothers’ Union can work more effectively together to bring lasting and holistic change.

There will be a series of regional meetings aiming to reach and hear from all of the 600+ dioceses in which Mothers’ Union works today, to help us answer some recurring questions we have been hearing:

  • Who are we as Mothers’ Union?
  • Whose lives are we and could/should we be touching?
  •  What difference are we and could/should we be making in people’s lives?
  •  How do we most effectively make that difference?

In essence it will make it much easier for us all to say “why Mothers’ Union?” in our local communities and the wider community.

From the process, a clear framework and direction for Mothers’ Union globally will emerge that reflects the realities of local communities and facilitates mutual and external accountability. We will identify key priorities for our policy, our programmes, and our faith work, and commit to sharing information on the impact of these across the movement.

MULOA offers a common approach and toolkit for putting our faith into action. This process complements existing initiatives and helps build confidence amongst our members in what we are already doing as well as challenging ourselves in what we might do in the future. It is also hoped that, individually and together, our members across the world will be inspired and energised in their relationships with God and each other, enabling them to more effectively make a difference in their church and community.

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