Christmas Appeal 2016

Many parents in rural Uganda struggle to send their children to school. So what hope do the orphans and forgotten children of the world have?

Please donate now.

Across the globe your donations make a difference for children in so many different ways – helping to support Mothers’ Union run orphanages, maternal health programmes, changing attitudes to violence against women and girls, and so much more.

 In Kampala, Uganda’s capital, one group of children have felt this difference through the ‘Feed my Lambs’ project – sponsoring children to go to school, providing any equipment they need and showing them that they are all loved by God.

"If one of the children need support, clothes, books, the school calls us – we are there for everything." (‘Feed my Lambs’ Project Coordinator)

 One of these children is Cyrus. He is 15 and he told us how his parents were unable to support him and his six siblings.

He found it difficult to describe the circumstances that led to him being a child at ‘Feed my Lambs’. But he wanted you to know how grateful he is for his future! Cyrus sees his dream of becoming an engineer as a real possibility now and he thanks members like you for that.

Cyrus said, "If it wasn’t for the ‘Feed my Lambs’ project I would not be in school."

 Even in the UK and Ireland you are making a difference for children living in difficult circumstances - your donations give them the opportunity to grow up in loving, stable families. 

 Please consider giving a donation to Mothers’ Union this Christmas and help to ensure this work, and much more like it in the UK and overseas, continues.